Unforgivable Curse by KDJouineau

Unforgivable Curse

“Never used an Unforgivable Curse before, have you, boy?”– Bellatrix Lestrange While getting back into digital painting, I’ve been drawing…

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Alice: Artwork by KDJouineau


What started off as a sketch painting of Helena Bonham Carter wearing bunny ears ended up as this quirky version…

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Smokin': Artwork by KDJouineau


For the love of Copic markers, this was the first larger drawing I did to test out some colors on the ever popular X-Press It Blending Card (Not sponsored, but should be).

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Beetlejuice: Artwork by KDJouineau

Beetlejuice, Betelgeuse, …

Whatever you do, don’t finish that sentence! Continuing on my Halloween themed posts, here is one of my favorites. Happy…

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Bride of Frankenstein: Artwork by KDJouineau

Bride of Frankenstein

Somehow, I made it through my entire life without drawing this horror movie icon. Who’s your favorite monster? Happy Halloween!

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Mickey Moreau: Live2D Artwork by KDJouineau

Mickey Moreau

They work as a local barista and always sorts out drama. However, it is a bit of mystery as to how/why they always know exactly what is going on.

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Chet Win: Live2D Artwork by KDJouineau

Chet Win

Chet is an athlete, and smarter than he lets on. Always under pressure to perform on every level, there isn’t a hurdle he can’t overcome.

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Sergio Ortego: Live2D Artwork by KDJouineau

Sergio Ortego

Sergio is a criminal, always looking for the easy way out of every situation. Surprisingly, though, he is likely the most honest person you know. Lives by a code and would never hurt the ones he loves.

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