After spending an entire weekend (and then some), I finally settled on a screen name that I can use across all my accounts to create a solid brand.

The meaning behind the name KDJouineau:

The KDJouineau screen name is personal, a combination my oldest known ancestry and my day-to-day. KDJouineau is me.

I have a deep seeded interest in my heritage, so I wanted a screen name that reflected my ancestry. My family name is Juneau and after chasing down my earliest traceable ancestors, it was revealed that the spelling was initially Jouineau. I’ve been attached to this part of my family history for a long time and thought it would be appropriate to honor it in some way.

My name is Katie, but like the many who grew up in the New Orleans area, I don’t usually fully pronounce my T’s.  It is sort of an ongoing joke how my name is mistaken as “Kadie”, so I decided to own it by adding the suffix “KD” to my screen name.

KDJouineau is mine, it’s alive, it’s me.